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Lausanne is recognised as the Olympic Capital because it is home to the International Olympics Committee and other sports organisations. This feature has made Lausanne a popular tourist destination and its location on the shores of Lake Geneva doesn't hurt either. As a resort town, Lausanne attracts a diverse crop of residents and visitors at all times of the year. For this reason, the city has a comprehensive mixture of culinary options from traditional Swiss foods to international cuisine. Because it is on the French side of Switzerland, Lausanne is big on French delicacies, which you can request with ease from Just Eat.

Food is a significant part of the culture in Lausanne thanks to the popularity of the destination. Business lunches are particularly common in this town due to the numerous sports organisation headquartered here. Because of this, a majority of the dining establishments are designed for business executives to have meetings. Avenue d'Ouchy, for example, is one section that has restaurants lining the streets from end to end. But the central hub of the city provides a host of dining solutions from five-star restaurants to small eateries. Whether you want a full-course meal for an elaborate supper or something small for lunch, you can find it in Lausanne.

Enjoy your favourite foods in Lausanne

The culinary culture in Lausanne is rich and diverse. Restaurants incorporate local, regional and international delicacies on their menus. You will find the typical Swiss-French dishes. Cured meats are popular in Switzerland, and you can order your preferred one paired with fresh bread. Fish from Lake Geneva are made into delicious dishes in different restaurants that you can order through Takeaway. Lausanne is in wine country, so a nice Merlot or Sauvignon Blanc with your order is encouraged.

For American cuisine, fast foods are favourites in Lausanne, especially burgers. If you want a bit of Italian, pizza comes in many flavours and so does pasta. The British favourite of fish and chips is another dish that is perfect for casual meals. It’s easy to try out new menus from different establishments with Just Eat. Order Turkish kebabs, Ethiopian injera, Indian tandoori or anything else that catches your eye.

Home or office, breakfast, lunch or dinner, when you need last-minute dining solutions, fast, Just Eat is the perfect choice.

How to order food online in Lausanne

Lausanne doesn't disappoint when it comes to local and regional cuisine. You can order Swiss delicacies or indulge in authentic French haute cuisine, but the city also has eateries and cafes that are ideal when looking for something less formal. Feed your day with a greasy burger, or treat yourself to Italian ice cream if you need to eat at your desk while working.

Takeaway is a reliable solution for all your online food orders in Lausanne and the process is deliberately simple. It only takes a few minutes, and all you have to do is:

  1. Input your address
  2. Pick the restaurant
  3. Place the meal order
  4. Send payment
  5. Sit back and wait!

Just Eat serves a variety of different locations across Lausanne, so our customers can enjoy dishes from wherever they want. If you prefer to know how far away your order is from the destination, Just Eat even has a food tracker service for particular restaurants. Adding to the convenience, you can choose from a variety of secure payment options, from cash to card, and has a filter that lets you set how much you want to spend. In this way, you will only see food delivery options near you that fall into your budget.

Heading home hungry but don’t want to cook? Just Eat is the partner you need. Just place the order to arrive when you do, and your meal will be ready before you’ve even kicked off your shoes. So what are you waiting for? Order food online in Lausanne today!