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Convenient Takeaway Delivery in Switzerland | Just Eat

Switzerland’s alpine scenery and fairy tale villages carry you back in time. The brisk weather and festive atmosphere has a way of stirring up cravings for rich meals, and traditional cuisine is suitably creamy and rich for chilly days. Expect rosti, cheese fondues, and risotto. If you’re travelling the Simplon Valley, all the hiking and climbing will help you to work up an appetite. The valley is divided between Switzerland and Italy, so you’ll find plenty of Italian inspiration in the gastronomy in the region. Zer Mili and Monte Leone have hearty traditional menus, and if you’re staying at one of the hotels in the area, they’re excellent options. If you’re in Bern, Chinatown is a short drive towards the north, but the area has an Asian food town in the south, too. Zurich’s food centre is a few miles west of Zoo Zurich. If you’re hankering after duck or Swiss-styled Asian, this is the best part of Switzerland for it. Basel is a Turkish cuisine centre in its own right, with several restaurants serving traditional sheep cheese, aubergines, and Menemen. French-inspired Swiss cuisine is best enjoyed in the French part of the Swiss Alps, but all these dishes have become a core part of national culinary tradition, so if you’re visiting on holiday, they’re an important part of your itinerary.

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Swiss cuisine borrows much of its inspiration from neighbouring France, Germany, and Italy. Every city you visit has its own heritage, so you can expect to experience a unique approach to gastronomy in each food centre. If it’s pizza, U.S. grills, and pasta you’re craving, Zurich’s Paradeplatz offers a versatile group of trendy restaurants. Geneva is more sophisticated, offering high-end Italian food, Italian-inspired Swiss dishes, and refined seafood with the cheesy flavours of Switzerland. Casa Ferlin and Restaurant Lindenhofkeller will let you sample traditional local fare, but tourists tend to crowd out the hottest restaurants, so why not order in with Just Eat? The famous takeout service will bring delectable flavours to your doorstep, whether you’re at work, in a hotel, or at home.

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If you need a delivery service in Freiburg, Luzern, Bern, or anywhere else throughout Switzerland, Just Eat will deliver to your neighbourhood. While Swiss farm kitchens serving cheese and bread are the locals’ version of fast food, you’ll also find global favourites among its eateries as the country has its own McDonalds and Burger King chains to remind you of home. You can order genuine Turkish kebabs and falafels at popular takeout spots across the nation, although these diners are wholly different from those you might find in the UK and the USA. They serve authentic, high quality eats from faraway places. For example, Italian fast food is at its best at Valentino, which has sites in Zurich, St Moritz and Lucerne, satisfying your sugar craving in every spot.

But you needn’t leave your home or hotel when it’s cold outside. You can easily order food online by following these steps:

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Takeaway delivery in Switzerland

Switzerland’s diverse gastronomic heritage leaks into every aspect of its restaurant industry, even its most budget-friendly fast food spots.Just Eat helps you to uncover the best of local cuisine without leaving your hotel or home. The Swiss favour quality ingredients over complex recipes, and that has a powerful effect on its flavours. Why not experience a taste adventure by clicking on Just Eat today?