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Switzerland’s cuisine is inspired by its neighbouring countries, Germany, France, and Italy, but every corner of the nation has its own approach and origin story. Alpermagronen’s food, for example, is decidedly German, while Zurich’s is heavily influenced by French gastronomy. In fact, Switzerland’s German-speaking regions offer a massive range of sweet and savory dishes rooted in the rustic herdsman lifestyles of the past. In days of yore, Swiss food had to cater towards travelling workers who needed convenient dishes they could carry with them into the slopes. Rosti was perfect for this purpose and was often accompanied by fresh apples, onions, or cheese. For a delicious protein fix, Zurcher Geschnetzeltes became a rich accompaniment that often came with veal liver, noodles, or rice.

Other quarters used polenta in their dishes and Italian-speaking regions still prefer their sausages cornmeal-based. No matter the style, however, everyone loves their cheese. In fact, cheese became one of Switzerland’s favourite exports and the country now produces more than 450 different kinds. As well as cheese, the locals love their chocolate; it's a toss up which is the favourite as no other country eats more of the sugary treat. The first chocolate factory was opened in Vervey in 1819, and today you can enjoy a range of chocolatey desserts that have their recipes rooted in the history of the country.

Whatever your tastes, Just Eat delivers the very best, so you can order Swiss food online in Bern, Freiberg, Zurich, or any other part of Switzerland without climbing into your car. If you’re visiting Switzerland on business, the delivery giant will bring your order direct to your hotel or workplace.

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No matter which neighbourhood you’re ordering your Swiss food delivery from, a number of dishes are popular across the country. Every Swiss city loves cheese fondue, raclette, rosti, and Alplermagronen. In some areas, however, the culinary tastes are slightly more unusual. The Ticino region serves up pasta and meat specialties, while the French quarter prefers malakoff. German regions adore their fotzel slices, which are made of bread, apple puree, and milk. If you’re in the mood for a meaty German dish, Landjager is inspired by Austrian cuisine and was once eaten by soldiers who required small portions that didn’t need to be stored chilled. The Italian corners of Switzerland love risotto and polenta, so they use them to craft nut cakes, pies, and cabbage-based Romansh.

If you’re in Zurich, there’s a delivery service in your neighbourhood. The 17 and Limmat are home to enough Swiss restaurants to cater towards every taste. Freiberg has just as many restaurants, and if you’re not up to dashing out for your meal, Just Eat will bring you the best of the populous food quarter. If you’re in Bern, try the famous Berner Platte, a sausage or beef-based dish made with sauerkraut, beans, and potatoes. For an authentic Bern dessert, you can't beat local meringues and hazelnut shortbread.

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