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Lausanne - A foodie's scenic paradise

Lausanne is not only the capital and largest city in the Swiss canton of Vaud, but is also known as the one and only Olympic Capital. Located about 60km from Geneva in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Lausanne is known as a wine haven, the smallest city in the world to have a metro system, and for its scenic views of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps.

Food delivery in Lausanne - From cheese fondue to chimichanga

Lausanne is popular among Foodies for its vast diversity in culinary treats, appreciated by local residents, international students and expats alike. With 42% of its residents being foreign, Lausanne is also recognized as a very diverse city which is reflected strongly in its large variety of international cuisines available for delivery. From traditional Swiss dishes like cheese fondue, raclette or rösti, Lausanne offers food from all corners of the globe. From Bo Kho to Vindaloo or Chimichanga - food delivery options in Lausanne are as diverse as its population.

Order delivery food in Lausanne in English

Whether you want to order food in Lausanne for an upcoming group lunch with colleagues, a birthday party with friends, or for a relaxing evening at home, Just Eat delivers your favorite dishes directly to your Lausanne address. Even if your French or Swiss German is still a work in progress, you can order food easily in English on Just Eat by simply downloading the Just Eat app and selecting English as your language of choice. Alternatively, choose the English language banner at the top of the page to view the English pages. Ordering food for internationals has never been easier!

Don't have any cash at home? No worries, we've got you covered. At Just Eat you can choose between paying with direct debit, credit card, PayPal, cash, or even with Bitcoin.

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