How is the restaurant list organised?

How is the restaurant list organised?

The order of restaurants in the restaurant list of Just Eat is dynamic and subject to a wide variety of factors. Our aim is to show our customers restaurants that they are likely to order from, in a fair way for our restaurant partners, whilst optimising for a great ordering experience.

The default order we list our restaurants is what we refer to as the ‘Best match’. The main factors used to determine the Best match order are distance to the customer and the ‘Quality score’, which is based on reviews. Popularity factors, such as the number of orders a restaurant receives, also play a role in the organisation of the list. Temporary factors such as the weather or busy times could impact the order too. Finally, to increase visibility, restaurants have the ability to sponsor their listing to appear higher in the restaurant list. Restaurants that make use of this are displayed on the Platform as ‘sponsored’. You can find more information on the ranking parameters here: What are the main ranking parameters?

As all factors may be subject to change, the order of restaurants in the restaurant list is dynamic. Your neighbour may see a different order than you do, and you could also see differences between your list at 17:00 and at 21:00.

Finally, you can always use filters to make the selection more specific or use the sorting options that are available. We aim to always display the most relevant list for you, but after all, tastes differ!

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